An Outline Of Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a specialized field of dentistry that deals exclusively with the diagnosis, treatment, and correction of crooked, misaligned, and malformed teeth and bite patterns, for patients of all ages. It also involves the management of jaw abnormalities. Dentists who specialize in orthodontics are called orthodontists.By clicking here we Get More Information

To become an orthodontist, one must undergo a three-year residency program at an accredited dental college. After successfully completing the orthodontic program, a dentist can take the state board of dental exam and be licensed to practice. The first year of practice will consist of general dentistry training, which will provide the dentist with the basic knowledge of the structure and function of the teeth and jawbone, as well as the physiological processes that affect them. During the next two years of practice, the orthodontist will need to complete the following curriculum: orthodontics theory; advanced practice in orthodontics; human cranial systems and skeletal dynamics; oral surgery; pediatric dental surgery; endodontics; jaw disorders; oral radiology; orthodontics, including braces, appliances, retainers, etc.

Some orthodontists work exclusively with adults while others work to correct minor problems associated with children such as alignment problems, teeth grinding, jaw clenching, crooked appearance, protrusion or overgrowth of dental plaque, gum disease, or overbite. There are also pediatric orthodontists. Some orthodontists are specialized in working with patients of all ages. Some work in an office environment, others are found in the comfort of a dentist’s office.