Craniosacral therapy near me A Closer Look

Two years ago, I knew nothing about craniosacral therapy

A couple years ago, the muscles around my left shoulder blade were killing me because I had pulled them during a workout routine. I would take a few days off from working out, it would start to feel better, and I would work out again — and repull those muscles. It was horrible. Sometimes it would cause me to miss upwards of a week at a time.Learn more about us at Craniosacral therapy near me

My mother is a craniosacral therapist in Portland, Oregon. She always wanted me to try craniosacral therapy for various things. But I always resisted.

In my mind, craniosacral therapy was “woo-woo” stuff. You know, the type of thing that just would not, could not work because it is not traditional medicine.

I mean, you cannot tell me that waving your hands around certain parts of my body will heal those parts. Energy medicine: laughable, I thought.

Well, the pain and discomfort persisted and I finally broke down. I let my mother perform craniosacral therapy on that muscle group. And guess what… after about two weeks the pain was gone!

The benefits of craniosacral therapy last

That was about two years ago. Since that time I have not had the same issue with those muscles. That is amazing to me.

Remember, this pain was there for quite a few months. And that muscle group just seemed to be susceptible to my reinjuring it. But no more.

Now, I am a bit more careful about that muscle group when I work out. But some of the things that would definitely result in a pull, such as pull-ups, no longer do that. And I credit craniosacral therapy for that.

How to pick a craniosacral therapist

Having said all of that, I recommend using your due diligence when choosing a craniosacral therapist.

First, make sure that the therapist you choose is trained in naturopathy (natural medicine). There are only a handful of certified colleges in natural medicine. Make sure that your therapist graduated from one of those schools.

Second, your therapist should specialize in craniosacral therapy. You do not want someone who dabbles in it as part of a practice that includes a bunch of different treatments. As they say, a jack of all trades is a master of none.

Third, your therapist should have lots of experience with craniosacral therapy. Just like you would not want a newbie mechanic working on your car, you do not want a newbie therapist working on you.