Designer Eyelashes for Stunning Eyes

False eyelashes are back in trend, but the issue is that they can slip off quickly and are very difficult to apply correctly. An alternative is to add eyelash extensions that are a semi-permanent solution.Learn more Check This Out

Fake eyelashes have recently regained popularity, and many celebrities are regularly photographed wearing alarmingly long lashes, such as Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole and Kate Perry. If you want to have thick, beautiful lashes but prefer a more natural look, there is a fantastic way to do so. Lashes extensions, which are semi-permanent eyelashes attached to your own lashes, may be used instead of fake eyelashes.

About Extensions for Eyelash

You can go for a natural look with your eyelash enhancements, which will actually make your natural lashes look more enhanced and fuller, or you can go for a glamorous look with slightly longer and thicker lashes. Your eyes would look much wider and clearer in any case.

You may need to make an appointment at a beauty salon that specialises in the treatment in order to have lash extensions repaired properly. Your expert will ask you what look you want to achieve before applying the eyelash extensions, and she will then suggest the best style of lashes and length to match your needs.

Since the eyelash extensions are attached to your initial eyelashes, along with the lash, they will gradually fall out. Since we normally lose eight eyelashes every week from each eye, eyelash extensions can only last as long as the normal eyelash life-cycle. Every 3 to 4 weeks, you will possibly find that you need to have a touchup.

How to Take Care of Your Semi-Permanent Eyelashes

Avoid direct contact with water in the eye region for the first 24 hours after getting your lash extensions added. You will be able to have contact with water as usual after 24 hours have passed, as eyelash bonding glue is waterproof. Try to stop actually standing under high-pressure shower head jets, however. You may also consider wearing goggles for extra protection while swimming.