Dispensaries – Some Insight

Medical marijuana is an herb that has been used for centuries to treat ailments and diseases, most often those related to the nervous system. Medical marijuana, or medical cannabis, is essentially cannabis and certain cannabinoids which are recommended by doctors to their patients for their particular ailments. Although there is currently a lack of studies linking medical marijuana to reducing tumors in pre-cancerous regions of the body or relieving the side effects of chemotherapy, it is widely considered safer than many pharmaceutical drugs and has shown limited benefit in combating serious pain. Many people who suffer debilitating conditions such as cancer and glaucoma agree that medical marijuana offers relief from the side effects of both these and other medicines.  Dispensaries-Sierra Well Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Reno is an excellent resource for this.

As a result of federal legislation, it is illegal to use marijuana for any purpose, including buying or selling, possessing, or cultivating any amount of the plant. States differ on the possession and cultivation of medical marijuana plants, with some states completely prohibiting the plant while others allow it for medicinal purposes. With the liberalization of state laws across the country, the possession of small amounts of medical marijuana is not an issue in some states, while being arrested for growing or distributing pot can lead to substantial legal consequences. Despite the fact that possession of small amounts of pot is not an arrestable offense, some states still view growing and distributing pot as illegal.

The primary medical marijuana plant comes from seeds which are taken from mature marijuana plants under laboratory conditions. The marijuana plant is extremely fragile and can be destroyed by even minor mishandling. The procedure for removing the marijuana plant for sale or consumption is referred to as “cleaning”, and it is one of the major reasons why large amounts of the drug are wasted during manufacture. For this reason, marijuana cannot be compared to other prescription or over-the-counter medications because it cannot be purchased over the counter. Many of the state governments and federal laws have made the possession and cultivation of the cannabis plant illegal. Medical marijuana can be used to treat various chronic and severe medical conditions such as cancer, glaucoma, AIDS, as well as pain caused by arthritis, AIDS, convulsions, and chronic muscle spasms, to name a few.