Domestic Violence Attorney- Protecting Yourself Against Domestic Violence

If you or a loved one has been the victim of domestic abuse, you may feel as though you’ve been treated unfairly; perhaps even as if some entity or another is out to get you as a result of your gender, race, religious affiliation or your place of employment. Unfortunately, too many of those who suffer from domestic violence are unfamiliar with just what legal rights they have; so, sadly, too many instances of domestic violence go unchecked each and every day – every year. It’s up to you to ensure that, if you or someone you love is being abused, that you have the right to seek legal counsel as soon as possible; if you do not, you may risk losing a civil case, criminal charges, custody rights and/or visitation in the future.Find additional information at Delaware Domestic Violence Attorney.

An important first step you or your domestic violence attorney should take is obtaining a temporary restraining order, also known as a protection order, against the suspected abuser. Such an order may prevent the abuser from coming within a certain distance of the victim; as well as from contacting, interfering with or intimidating the victim in any way. Such an order may also bar the abuser from coming within a certain distance of the residence of the victim or in certain places. Obtaining such a restraining order (often called a protection order) is not something that you should take lightly; it is a tool that can help you gain the security that many victims of domestic violence need and deserve.

Yet another step you or your domestic violence attorney should take after receiving a protective order is to file a police report if the alleged abuser does appear at the scene. You may be asked to accompany the police officer to the police station; and, while it’s always good to be prepared, don’t hesitate to document all of the information that is given to you. Take note, if, after talking with your domestic violence attorney, he tells you that there is “probable cause” to believe that the allegations against you are true, then you may have a very valid reason to challenge those allegations in court.

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