Falls Church Chiropractic Association – Treatment for Neck Pain near me

Waking up with pain in the neck isn’t an ideal way to continue a day. It’s not that rare so a quick massage maybe with a muscle balm will take care of it as unpleasant as it may be. Some occasions, however, can be very severe, not just because of the irritation they bring, but also because neck pain may be signs of a more significant neurological condition like meningitis.Learn more about us at  Falls Church Chiropractic Association

If neck pain is experienced as a shooting pain that begins from the neck and then moves to the shoulders and the back, medical treatment should be obtained without delay Neck pain accompanied by a tingling sensation, weakness or numbness in the arms should also be considered serious as should a neck so rigid that it can not touch the chest or that has any swelling around it.

Causes of sore neck

Less extreme neck discomfort, including a sore neck, is triggered by improper posture or lying on a pillow which does not offer adequate protection. Stomach sleeping also causes a stiff neck. Straining the muscles of the spine, for example by hard labor or fast walking, may often create spine discomfort that may travel deeper down to the shoulders and backwards. Besides strains, worn-out neck joints will also cause ache, especially if neck straining jobs are often performed especially in older people, and this can advance toward osteoarthritis. Nerves may cause pain in the neck too. Arthritis can cause bone spurs, which are hard, osseous growths that put nerve pressure and trigger pain. Herniated disks, where the inner layer of a disk that contains water juts out to the tougher outer layer and sits on the nerves, creating discomfort. Neck discomfort is often felt as a result of an underlying disease such as rheumatoid arthritis that triggers shoulder pain as does meningitis whose primary signs are a sore and rigid back. Direct neck trauma such as a automobile crash or a hit to it can often inflict discomfort, as will rapid neck jerking from side to side or back to front, which will unnecessarily strain the sensitive tissue of the spine.

Pain in the neck

If neck pain is bad enough to seek chiropractic or medical attention, the doctor will check the exact spot where pain is felt, ask questions to determine the possible causes and then give treatment. A picture test like an x-ray may sometimes be needed, as well as nerve tests. That would reveal conditions such as bone spurs, nerves pressed or pinched. An MRI would reveal more details of the spinal cord and nerves than ever before.

Treating pain in the neck

A sore neck can be handled at home, based on how long the discomfort has been felt, with measures such as adding an ice or hot towel. However a chiropractor or an MD should treat persistent continuous or recurrent pain. A physician may prescribe medicine such as painkillers, and may even be relaxing muscles. Chiropractors will use ice / heat treatment along with multiple forms of physiotherapy and modifications to alleviate discomfort in the arm. A patient may often be advised to wear a collar brace to alleviate shoulder pain although this is suggested for usage in the short term. Neck stretching may also be offered for stretching and strengthening of neck muscles. It is here that a chiropractor comes in.

Treating chiropractic pain with Neck Pain

Chiropractors of Santa Monica offer hands-on treatment, offering localized treatment for neck pain. Chiropractic is a area of medicine that works on the spine and specializes in treating diseases. Specializing in the musculoskeletal system, this form of therapy is based on the mechanical adjustment of the spine to the optimum shape and condition to restore the body to good health. It operates from the underlying theory that illnesses and ill health derive from a misaligned spine that causes the nerves to feel discomfort and that rearranging the spine can relax the nerves and alleviate the sense of pain and general sickness. When it comes to neck discomfort, a chiropractor can first strengthen the back and neck with a treatment, or different forms of physiotherapy, to relieve and calm the muscles.