Family Law Advice: Handling Custody Arrangements

When couples decide to divorce, the bond between husband and wife is not only affected, but the children are also significantly affected. For a family, this is a very rough time, so it is important that custody arrangements are made as easily as possible. The deals can differ between individual families, but they don’t have to be complicated. To ensure the arrangement is as fair and transparent as possible, it is ideal to work closely with a family law attorney. Jensen Family Law – Mesa┬áis an excellent resource for this.

Different Custody Forms

The form of custody each parent would have is one of the first specifics to think about. Generally, three forms exist: sole, joint, and split. Sole custody grants all legal and physical custody of the children to one parent. Each parent has the option of sharing legal custody at the same time with the children. Split happens when there is more than one child and the kids are taken care of by each parent, but not all at once.

Arrangements for Visitation

A consistent visiting schedule should be completely set for the non-custodial parent while meeting with the family law attorney. Based on their own conditions and circumstances, it is best for parents to sort out these situations themselves. If a parent travels to another state, a specified visitation will be mandatory for him or her, as weekly visits will not be feasible. An extended stay in the summer, instead, will make up for it. Another topic which needs special attention is holidays. Ideally, every parent will either share or break the holidays equally.

Shared Expenses

The big expenses associated with the kids and who will cover them are another part of child custody. Such costs include items such as health care coverage, tax return dependencies, or school tuition. Bear in mind that these expenses are not factored into compensation for child care. On these joint costs, all parties in the divorce can consent and have the family law attorney put the final decision in the divorce agreement.

Control over important decisions

In certain cases, it will be important to make big life decisions for the baby. While certain options are not very important and will not require the input of two parents, others will be more important. In the divorce settlement, it has to be explicitly laid out who is going to make these decisions and whether the other parent has any say or not. These options can include issues of health care, school problems, faith, and how to discipline. It is best for both the mother and the father to work together for a continuous education.