Functional Fitness Training

These days, more and more people sign up for gyms, but worryingly, many of those people tend to think that the standard of the workout they attend relies more on the concept of the Telev screens in the treadmills than the definition their torso might properly see from exercise. It appears like much too much focus in the health and leisure industry is put on leisure rather than fitness… But luckily for those who really want to better, there is another choice, and more and more people are discovering this: joining Practical Exercise Training. No Limits Fitness – West Melbourne fitness┬áis an excellent resource for this.

There are now several articles and threads on the Internet which clearly address the concept of functional fitness training… Well, that’s not one of them. I recognize that, based on what you are preparing for, every training may be defined as practical. For eg, if the work requirement requires a desire for the world’s biggest biceps, then indeed, that may be categorized as practical preparation for 2 hours of bicep curls a day.

The aim here is not to dispute the vagueness of the word, but to illustrate the advantages, so functional fitness training would apply to an exercise or group of exercises for the context of this article that imitate, adjust and allow the majority of people to enhance the efficiency of life’s everyday activities, with a reserve left for individual goals.

A aim here may be, and generally is, to boost the standard of life outside the gym; that is, to allow an improved opportunity to play and recreate, whether it’s a grandma enjoying fun with her grandchildren or a football teenager.

Movement in the 6 degrees of freedom, including back/forward, up/down, left/right, roll, pitch, and yaw, are the everyday activities of life. Or, more accurately, push/pull, jump/squat, hop, curl, and bend for human action. So functional training is training that aims, by one or a sequence of activities, to enhance as many of these motions as possible. So think established practical exercise exercises… At least for this post!

So, if practical exercise programming happens, would this suggest that any training is un-functional? There’s a definite yes to the answer to this… And it’s all around us, sadly, and soon we’ll be writing an essay on the issue of un-functional teaching, so hang on fast.