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If they have ever been criminally charged with anything, Broker Check will be able to tell you how the consultant did on their licencing exams, where they were employed, where they went to school. Have they declared bankruptcy at any time? Have they had a client ever sued them? Did they ever get fired by their brokerage company? Before establishing a relationship with someone who is going to manage your entire life savings, these are all the things that would be absolutely crucial.Learn more by visiting Financial Advisor Glasgow – Mortgage Advisor Glasgow

The first thing we do during customer intake is to look up their Broker Check report. We start rattling off all this information about their advisor to the prospective customer and they are often amazed. We are not magicians, and I’m not familiar with every financial advisor. Literally, all we do is take this information that is publicly available and look at the report. And we’re telling a potential customer so many times that their advisor has already been sued a lot of times, and the investor had no idea. ¬†Obviously, when they decided whether to work with that individual, that would have been critical information to know at the beginning. For example, if they had pulled that report, if they knew that the individual, they were considering had already been sued 26 times by former customers, they would never go with that individual. So, obviously, the first thing you’re supposed to do is get that report. How are you compensated?” would be the first good question to ask a potential broker. Not every financial advisor is compensated in the same way. On a commission basis, which is per transaction, some of these are compensated. They get paid every time they make a recommendation to you and you agree. A percentage of assets under management are being paid to some of them. If you have a portfolio of millions of dollars and they make 1 percent, they will make $10,000 per year.