Hiring the Best Water Mold Fire Restoration of Chicago

It is imperative that property owners or managers pre-qualify the many options for restoration contractors. There are certain critical issues that must be considered in the selection process. As you would typically do, you should seek references from your professional peers as a starting point. Once you develop a list to be interviewed, ask each contractor to submit a capability statement. In that document ask him to address accessibility–24/7. Require an overview of the personnel with relevant experience and training. This is a field where training is often limited to a few key personnel. Often the field labor is seen as a disposable commodity and may not have sufficient training to perform significant work without substantial supervision. Find out what the company’s education and training policies are. Find more information Water Mold Fire Restoration of Chicago

Next seek a submittal of the contractor’s typical contracts and standard pricing for emergency services. These rates should be presented to you as a printed document with a current date. Make certain you explore any pricing variations for overtime and holiday work. Find out if the contractor is currently engaged in any significant legal proceedings. Be aware that in this business is not unusual for there to be a certain amount of litigation as the insurance claims business often brings out a strange strain of greed and avarice.

Also be certain to review the contractor’s insurance coverage including liability and workers’ compensation. Ask the contractor for a copy of his company safety plan. Determine if the candidate performs drug testing and criminal background checks as part of his hiring process.

Weigh each contractor on his own specific merits. Look for proof of competence, awards or recognition in the industry. Ask for references and actually check them out. Follow through with your investigatory process. A little time well spent in this process will return a huge dividend by limiting the severity and costs of your property disasters while speeding your return to normal business operations.