How To Heal From Eating Disorders

In this country, there are literally millions of individuals suffering from eating disorders. Anorexics limit their consumption of food or even starve themselves. Bulimics are bingeing and purging. People suffering from different kinds of eating disorders obsess over calories, weight and body appearance. They worry about things like food, exercise, the sum on the scale, as well as fear of eating with others during the day and how they can regulate their food actions. Get More Information

Many that suffer from eating disorders long for calm, for the turbulent thoughts that dominate their minds to be let loose. Yet lies are in charge, and self-destructive habits are motivated by them. Not only are these lies about their weight and appearance, they are about their identity, worth, and their place in this life as well.

Among those suffering from eating disorders, fear is widespread. They are not only afraid of things such as food, weight gain and loss of control, but they are also afraid of things such as what people think of them and what will become of them if they don’t recover. Sometimes, because they have not developed healthy ways to express them, they are often reluctant to allow their emotions to surface. Typically, through situations like tough life conditions, broken relationships or even violence, they have a great deal of inner pain. While it is temporary and counterproductive, food-related habits have become a coping mechanism for dealing with emotions. Even so it’s only fair that they fear being without the habits associated with food because it’s all they know.

Many who suffer from eating disorders usually want control. Their situations may be out of their control, so they try to take control of one aspect of their lives: their food. In time, however if they’re truthful with themselves, they know that they are controlled by food-related habits somehow. What a cycle of self defeat, but it’s one that they sometimes feel helpless to avoid.

Behaviors associated with food can cause health harm. The harm is permanent sometimes and unfortunately, it’s even fatal sometimes. What a disaster to have a life cut short by an eating disorder. Having a loved one fall through their fingers is often tragic for friends and family members.

Yet there is hope for all those suffering from eating disorders. Support groups, therapy, dietetic counselling, residential or inpatient care, and more are available to support. But through the Lord, the greatest support available is. Who can support them better than their maker, the one who knows them best?

They can change their thoughts about themselves and learn to see their identity in Christ, they can use the reality to extinguish the illusions that have been in charge for so long with God leading the way and the influence of the Holy Spirit at work. They have access, with divine aid, to the power to face and overcome their fears. In learning to process their feelings in healthier ways, he can guide them, and finally he can heal their souls. And they can also relinquish the control of their recovery to the Lord who knows them and can guide them in a fitting way to freedom from food related habits.