Irving AC Maintenance – The Importance of Annual Maintenance

If you own an air conditioning unit and want to extend its life for years, you must regularly maintain it. Otherwise, you may have to replace it sooner than expected. Although many homeowners spend thousands of dollars in maintenance fees, it is also important to keep your air conditioner in good working condition to avoid high energy bills. In fact, the average annual cost for AC maintenance is more than $150, which are usually inclusive of a yearly tune-up and inspection, usually for a few hundred dollars, and even minor repair, such as replacing a simple gasket, replacing worn out hoses, checking and changing the filters, or preparing the cooling coil. The latter part, changing the cool coil, is not actually part of an annual AC maintenance; it’s something most AC users are unaware of until they need to call a professional to do a more thorough job.You may want to check out Tempo Air – Irving AC Maintenance for more.

An annual AC maintenance contract is necessary to ensure that all components, particularly the cooling and heating units, are properly functioning and maintaining balanced temperatures throughout your property. This maintenance contract is usually charged on an annual basis for about twelve months. Most AC Contractors will quote their fee on a monthly basis, although it is not uncommon for them to offer a single-date monthly maintenance fee. Either way, the cost of this type of maintenance is normally worth every penny, as AC failure can result in significant increases in your AC costs, sometimes without warning. For example, if your AC malfunctions and shuts down during the hottest part of the year, your monthly energy bill may increase by as much as 40% for just one day.

So, how should you go about scheduling your air conditioning maintenance? Start by making a list of the things that need checked and replaced. Make sure your AC filter replacement schedule falls within your AC maintenance contract guidelines. Next, contact a reliable air conditioning technician to do an inspection of your air conditioning system, replacing any parts that appear to be damaged or worn out. A qualified technician will be able to identify exactly what components are damaged and how old they are. With this information, you can plan on having your cooling unit or heating unit replaced when needed, saving you money in the long run.