Main Points Related to Roof Cleaning

To top it off the majority of the roof cleaning products on the market require plants, bushes and any foliage around the home to be either covered or be constantly wet down because the toxicity in the cleaning solution will kill them and as careful as the roof cleaners may be there are always casualties within the foliage. With the above-mentioned negative effects of roof fungus, the worst to a property manager is the fact that a home or dwelling with an infected roof is a “eye-sore”, it makes a pretty house look ugly, it makes an expensive development look run down or unmaintained, it notonly decreases the value of the infected home but the value of the neighbours home as well, these. Click this link

The property management team typically steps in at this stage and demand notices are sent out demanding that the roofs be cleaned. You now have annoyed homeowners being forced to spend cash, potentially harming their homes and a host of problems on the horizon.

Two solutions come to mind; the first is if you have to clean a roof, then specify that the roof cleaners use a solution that will not harm the foliage or change the appearance of the home, and the second solution is called “preventative maintenance” by this, I mean periodically coating the roofs with a solution that will not allow the fungus to mature, no cleaning is required, and the following rains .The most cost-effective way to keep the roofs clean is by far the most appropriate roof maintenance. Instead of shocking a home owners association with a massive budget breaking roof cleaning estimate, money can be budgeted for periodic roof treatments. Maintenance spraying can be carried out from the edge of the gutters, so it is necessary to walk the roofs to avoid workers. The proper maintenance schedule will mean that the roofs will never get dirty again, never degrade the community’s appearance.