Main Points Related to Spectrum Canine Dog Training

Knowing that you need to train your dog, however, and actually training your dog are two completely different things. Just where are you going to start? You need to consider and understand some key aspects of dog behaviour in order to train your dog successfully. Knowing and understanding these 5 facets will significantly improve the training of your dog. The origins of their dogs. Dogs are essentially descended from the modern wolves of the day. Have a look at Spectrum Canine Dog Training more info on this.

While many traits have been dampened or eliminated by domestication, certain key natural instincts still remain. Like wolves, dogs are animals of the pack. What is this supposed to mean?This is the most common and fundamental command to teach your dog, and the first thing you teach him should probably be the first thing. For the majority of training, using a treat as a reward for good behaviour works well. In order to keep him steady, you will need a leash attached to your dog’s collar. Show your dog a treat you have in your hand and hold it over his head so that he can look up and say, “Sit” Sometimes, your dog will automatically sit down by just holding the treat over his head. If he is not sitting, place your other hand on the back of your dog and press down gently to say “Sit”

Once he sits, immediately reward him with the treatment and praise him by saying in a happy voice “Good Boy” and pet him vigorously showing him that you are pleased with his response to your “Sit” command. Immediately after he responds correctly, it is important to reward him, so he knows why the reward is being received. You can progress to the “Lie Down” command once the sit command has been mastered by your dog. In order to achieve this, a treat is also used. Ask your dog first to “Sit” Do not give him a sedentary treat.