Plantation Shutters: Traditional Window Coverings With A Modern Twist

Plantation shutters are made of wood and they are the perfect way to bring a little bit of nature inside your home where it may not otherwise have been. While more common to see in country homes, plantation shutters are now making their way into the big city. Plantation shutters bring an elegant touch of nature indoors, offering the privacy that many people seek but also providing the light control and energy savings that many homeowners seek as well.Find additional information at plantation shutters Colchester.

A plantation shutter is essentially a stable and strong window covering typically consisting of either a single frame of horizontal and vertical rails and slats. Mounting over this frame is often louvers, solid panel, fabric, Venetian glass and any other material that can safely be mounted over a framework. Once mounted, the slats or louvers can be opened and closed, allowing just enough light through to allow full natural daylight in or shutting out all the light for complete darkening. Because plantation shutters are typically very sturdy, they can also be used for much more intensive purposes, such as installing interior blinds or screening mirrors. Because shutters are typically attached to the frame with screws, it is important to make sure to use high quality hardware so that the louvers do not come loose and become a safety hazard.

Unlike most other window coverings, the durability of plantation shutters is something that most homeowners can really depend on. They are a design element that offer both function and elegance, and because they are attached to the frame with screws rather than with mechanisms that constantly loosen and sometimes detach, maintenance is much easier than with other types of window coverings. Many manufacturers offer standard sizes of blinds, although if you need them in a unique size, most manufacturers can accommodate you. The slats are typically made of the same wood used for traditional blinds, providing a clean, refined look that is also elegant. Because shutters can be customized to fit any size window, they are an especially great addition to homes with a large number of windows. You may even want to consider adding them to an exterior shutter to help weatherproof your home.

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