Powers Dental Group – Explained

A dentist, also called a general dentist, is a licensed medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and care of dental conditions and diseases of the full mouth. The dentist’s supporting staff helps in giving oral health care. The dentist provides a range of services such as basic cleaning procedures, minor repairs, extractions, crowns, and other cosmetic treatments. A dentist can conduct diagnostic tests on patients for various diseases, such as gingivitis, periodontal disease, and tooth decay, to name a few. Crowns are used to fill in cracks in teeth and dentures are used to replace missing teeth. Oral surgeons perform invasive and minimally invasive surgical procedures, such as gum lifts and face lifts, as well as extractions, among other services. Powers Dental Group is an excellent resource for this.
A dentist may use one or more types of equipment, such as endoscopes and radiological machines, for diagnostic purposes. The dentist will take x-rays of the teeth or the area where treatments have been given. The x-ray will show deposits and fractures in the bone surrounding the tooth, which may be visible when the patient looks at an x-ray. The dentist can correct or realign any misalignment using braces or plastic appliances, if necessary.
To obtain a dental specialty, a dentist needs to attend a dental school that trains him or her in the profession. Students can get a bachelor’s degree in a science field, such as chemistry, biology, or physics, or take classes in the specialized areas of dentistry. After graduating from dental school, dentists must pass an exam given by the American Dental Association or the National Dental Association to become certified. To become a dentist, one must practice for two years under the supervision of a dentist who has been a practicing dentist for at least five years. Dentists must renew their dental license every year or as required by state laws.