Roof Maintenance Tips for Different Roof Types

If you follow the maintenance tips for different types of roofs, you can avoid a lot of the roof repair work. Roofs made of various materials necessitate various types of maintenance. Regardless of the material used to construct a flat or slanting roof, debris and weather are two major causes of roof damage and degradation, especially in Atlanta.
If you follow the roof maintenance tips below, if your roof is made of asphalt shingles or wooden shakes, you will ensure that it not only lasts longer but also looks stunning for years.Do you want to learn more? more info here 

• Ensure that any debris on your roof is removed on a regular basis. Tree branches that hang over your roof should be pruned.
• Get the roof inspected by trained roof repair contractors in Atlanta in the early spring and late fall. This way, you can patch any loose or broken shingles or tiles before they cause any water damage.
• Search for any signs of damage to the flashings around vents, skylights, and chimneys in particular.
• Sweep gutters and downspouts at least once a month to keep them clear of leaves, sticks, and other debris.
• Do not step on the roof when inspecting or doing roof repairs. For this, you’ll need an extension ladder.
• Do not paint your shingles because it greatly decreases their life span and makes them look shabby in a matter of months.
Asphalt Shingle Roof Maintenance Tips
One of the most common issues with an asphalt shingle roof is that algae and moss will easily grow on it, causing moisture entrapment and subsequent dampness and leakage. Place zinc control strips around the ridges and joints of the roof surface to prevent this from occurring. Applying roofing cement under loose shingle tabs will also help to solve the issue of missing shingles. Remember to inspect the caulking on a regular basis to keep it clear of debris.
Wood Shake Roof Maintenance Tips
Wood shake roof maintenance necessitates taking precautions to avoid the growth of mould, rot, and insects, all of which may cause significant harm. In addition, a coat of water proofing material and a fire retardant spray should be applied to the roof surface.