Strategy to Keep Pest Away from Your Garbage Bins

But, especially if he can first tip it over, a clever raccoon can also work the lid off of a metal garbage can. Thread a bungee cord through the handle of the lid and attach it to the can’s side handles. A cinderblock or another heavy weight may also be put on top of the can.

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Other items that could help keep your garbage cans out of raccoons:

Regularly hose out garbage cans with soap and drain them well.

Set up trash cans on a level surface and they can not be knocked over in such a way.

Before throwing it into the can, always use sealed garbage bags inside the can and double-bag very smelly garbage.

Using a light motion detector or sprinkler motion detector near the garbage can that turns on when a raccoon is near.

Dust the garbage with baby powder can lids. Raccoons don’t like the “dust” feeling on their hands.

Sprinkle a rag with ammonia and put it inside the can on top of the garbage bags.

Make sure that there is no other food litter around your home, such as pet food on the porch or bird seed or fruit on the ground that attracts your property to the raccoons.

Get a dog in the yard!

Finally, accept that the raccoon won and call Colonial! In managing nuisance animals, we are experienced. The raccoon may be nesting in your yard or even in your attic. We will carry out an inspection and create a live-trapping program that will permanently remove that annoying raccoon from your yard.

Pests are a problem, but keeping them out of your garbage isn’t as difficult as you think. Make sure you know about a few easy tricks to keep your garbage undisturbed.

It will reduce your unnecessary invasions drastically by storing your waste in sealed, metal containers in a garage or shed before you take them out to the curb. Other techniques can make your trashcans impervious to pests, particularly raccoons, including heavier garbage cans and lids or even binding cans shut with bungee cords.