Stucco Repair Tips to Follow

Stucco is a beautiful building material that can be used to fill in holes, cushion a floor, or make a decorative patioscape. Stucco is very weather resistant, yet easy to work with, and can even be painted or stained. Unfortunately, some older houses may have been built without stucco or may have stucco that needs to be repaired. In these situations, a stucco repair may be necessary. Although stucco does not require stucco repair kits or tools, it is a fairly labor-intensive process that requires professionals with the right skill sets. more info on stucco and masonry
If your stucco doorway has dented, cracked, or needs repairs to the molding – do it yourself! Any damage to the exterior of the wall is an obvious area for stucco repair, however, if there is damage to the interior molding, it will be more difficult to fix. If you are unsure of the extent of the damage, take a sample of the plasterboard damaged to get a better idea of the amount of work involved in repairing the area. In these cases, it is usually best to hire a stucco contractor who has the right tools and experience to repair areas of the wall that need attention.
Before beginning work, remember to remove all furniture and other items that may interfere with the stucco job. A heavy object should never be dragged into the repair area, as this can cause large amounts of damage to the base and result in poor work being done. Additionally, if you are using building paper to repair a wall, do not drag the paper through the repair area as this can also cause damage to the wall underneath. If you are using a stucco repair kit, you should only put the needed materials in the kit and not attempt to make any additional additions or modifications. Following the instructions closely is the key to successfully completing a stucco repair.