Take the Rubbish to the Tip

Friday is the day I survive on rubbish. The sleek activity by the local bin men this morning (who are some of the happiest & friendliest employees I’ve met) continued like clockwork. They emptied the bins. Recycling has been worked out and eliminated. My bin has been empty of garbage for the past two weeks. The trash was on its way to the edge. And the recycling products were going off on a new re-creation trip. Ormond Rubbish Removal Association┬áis an excellent resource for this.
So why am I talking about taking your rubbish to the tip, a mundane subject? A tweet today inspired thoughts about the connection between the coaching process and garbage removal.
Think of how it works with coaching.
Coaching requires a mechanism or method by which you can work to change/improve/eliminate something or stuff that keeps you back in your life or company. Coaching opens your eyes to the amount of rubbish that you hang on to, drawing a simple image of what you really no longer need. Whatever the operation you plan to embark on, you can literally take your rubbish to the tip along the way.
What makes you rubbish?
Rubbish will be unwanted. What’s left over or unimportant is rubbish. Rubbish has to go to the tip. When you go through a coaching process, consider what you plan to let go of or how you alter your thoughts/actions. Maybe your rubbish is a restricting belief (definitely top of the list to be sent to the tip!) Or maybe an action or attitude can change your rubbish. A secret to helping you advance is the elimination of these items. Instead of being stuck with your rotting, fly-infested pile of garbage, wouldn’t you rather go forward in your life?
Using this garbage removal example gives you a chance to think about the closure process.
Your garbage is carried away forever after your bin has been emptied into a truck. It can’t ever come back. In the same way, by coaching, by sending them to the tip, you can also have closure on your old habit when you change your actions or remove a restricting belief. You’ve let go of it. That’s gone. The phase is certainly final, it will not return – but only when you believe and commit to letting go of it.