The Fundamentals of Uses of SmartPhones in School

Now, I’d like you to read “I Can’t Use My Cell Phone?” by Talli R. Stewart, B.A. of San Marcos, Texas, which she submitted in August 2013. “Cell Phone Addiction, Restrictive Social Environments, and College Student Health,” which raises even more difficult potential realities. The study found that “significant group differences in Internet use groups on low, moderate, or high cell phone addiction scores suggests that high rates of Internet use on a cell phone were related to high rates of anxiety and depression experienced by individuals,” and “results found levels of restrictive social environments and cell phone addiction influence the level of anxiety and depression experienced by individuals.” check out

So, while I doubt all of us are surprised by these empirical results, now that we have the evidence and proof, as well as potential suspicions about what this mass social experiment with mobile phones and social media addiction is doing, maybe we should think about how to adapt this paradigm to avoid greater future problems.

If social media is intended to foster a stronger sense of community, it is failing miserably. Instead, it is causing people to replace the former model of personal real-life socialising with a prostituted digital version of self-validation and an illusory sense of community. Meanwhile, we find that students and young adults are more interested in their personal technology than in their studies. Indeed, I hope you can take all of this into consideration and think about it.Children of this century, on the other hand, have access to virtually every video game imaginable, as well as their weakened imaginations and the biggest time drain of all time: Facebook. I’m sure there’s an app out there that allows them to not only watch but also monitor squirrels while they’re at school. I’d call such a programme “Irate Squirrels,” but I’m getting ahead of myself. My point is that, as I’m sure you heard in the previous line, having a smart phone means you’ll never be bored.