Why I Am Against Weed Dispensaries

In my opinion the two most stereotypical images of marijuana users are the “stoner” type that hangs out at the coffee shop with his/her bongs and smokes a fat blunt near a counter or the “joker” type that hangs out in a basement smoking what appears to be an elephant joint but is actually marijuana. The two stereotypes are completely opposite and I would like to illustrate why. There is a vast difference between the two types of marijuana smokers. There are some absolute evil people that use marijuana and there are some people that do not use it or are not serious users but the two groups do not match. You see marijuana does not make people become evil; it makes people a lot different. Visit here Ayr Wellness Medical Marijuana Dispensary New Castle-Medical Dispensaries

#1. Marijuana Dispensaries are dingy, smelly weed shops For many people, pop culture depicts cannabis users as dusty, low brow, dim bulbous weed smokers that use marijuana only to get high and screw off. However, the fact is that marijuana is one of the most potent mind-altering substances known to man and many people who are not heavy users quit every day. Many weed dispensaries are often filled with people that use cannabis every day and are not related to the black market.

#2. The Costs associated with marijuana legalization If marijuana is legal, it will be taxed heavily. It is very likely that taxation and regulation will increase prices significantly or even bring them down. This would greatly reduce the profit potential for many cannabis businesses and driving demand down even further. Legal marijuana also has a negative stigma associated with it, which decreases awareness and creates a need to resort to criminal activity to acquire it.