A Note on Adultery and a Divorce

Discovering that your spouse has committed adultery is one of the hardest things a person can learn. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding his or her infidelity, it can have devastating consequences for a marriage and a family. If you have recently discovered that your spouse was unfaithful, you may be overwhelmed with emotion and, consequently, unable to react accordingly.Have a look at https://koniceklaworlando.com/blog/divorce/does-an-affair-matter/ for more info on this

Your reaction may depend on the nature and extent of your spouse’s infidelity. For example, a one night fling may be perceived differently than a long term affair. The implications of exclusivity in marriage is different for different people; however, for most, honoring your vow of faithfulness is an integral component of a marriage. Many spouses who have been wounded by infidelity experience:

Initial shock and awe; an inability to believe the truth
Once accepted, spouses generally exude anger
Following anger is self-pity. Thoughts such as “why did this happen to me?” or “why my family?” dominate one’s consciousness
Many victims of infidelity feel resentful of the time and energy they devoted to the preservation of their family and/or marriage
Forgiveness–Whether it takes months or years, the deep wound of adultery will likely heal
Different circumstances may result in different outcomes. For some couples, they can look past their partners’ mistakes and salvage their family; however, for others, there is no option outside of divorce.

If you have recently discovered that your spouse was unfaithful, you may be paralyzed by shock–unable to make a decision about the future of the marriage. In situations such as this, it is helpful to speak with good friends of family members about your predicament. Some people may recommend the assistance of a family therapist for counseling.