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Long Island Emergency Power – An Info

Generators Shop is a custom restoration shop dedicated to providing customers with custom repairs and installations of generators.  The shop also offers services for electrical, mechanical and plumbing contractors in the surrounding area. In addition, the shop serves as an authorized installer for local and international power distributors and service providers. This nationally recognized shop accepts only the best equipment available for repair and installation of gas, diesel, wood, solar, wave and hydroelectric generators. Do you want to learn more? Click Long Island Emergency Power.

Generator Shop’s unique service and product line to enable it to provide more than just repairs and installations of generators. The company regularly maintains a stock of high quality, used and refurbished generators, which are purchased from around the world and sold at a significant discount. Although many of the generators offered by the company are not diesel-powered, they are highly efficient in their use of electricity, and offer savings over newer models of generators on the market today. To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, including after-sales services and financing options, all generators are factory certified by industry standards.

Many of the generators offered by the company are diesel. However, it offers a wide range of generators to meet any needs. Whether you need an economical solution to meet a small load or a heavy-duty, standby generator for emergency use, the company offers a variety of diesel generators. Generators are also available in a number of sizes, including portable and industrial, so you will be able to find one that best suits your specific generator needs and requirements. If you need help deciding what size generator will best serve your needs, the staff at the 1 stop generator shop are available to answer your questions and guide you through the process. Whether you are a small business that is looking for a simple solution to meet intermittent or continuous power outages, or a large commercial company with several backup power applications, the team at the store can help you find the right generator to fit your application.