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The Truth About Structured Water Filters

What is Structured Water? Structured water is a biological system consisting of water molecules which exist when water is close to a semi-permeable surface. Water molecules connect together in a semi-permeable structure resembling hexagonal-shaped sheets, where each sheet is exactly the same length, all the same width and all the same shape. The water you drink, whether it be through a tap a stream, or a waterfall, isn’t structured like this. In fact, it would be hard to think of any liquid substance which is entirely made up of water, although a lot of liquids do contain large amounts of water. Do you want to learn more? Click Greenfield Water Solutions.

If we want to remove chlorine, or any of the other volatile organic chemicals, from drinking water, what then is the best way to do this? Well, there are a number of ways, but they all have drawbacks, one of them being the price. A typical filtration system can be quite costly, running into the tens of thousands of dollars, and the only reason why people even bother with these systems is because they believe that by removing the chemicals they will improve their health. The problem is, the chemicals are never removed, only reduced, so while the system does remove some of the contaminants, the quality of the remaining water is still compromised. This is why I recommend a Structured Water Filter, as it will effectively remove all the contaminants, while leaving the essential trace minerals that are beneficial to our health.

Water filters based on the Structured Water technology meet the standards set out by the NSF International, and the American Environmental Protection Agency, both of which recommend that these filtration systems should be installed in public facilities. By removing the contaminants which most people are more than happy to pay for, this type of filter can help to ensure that the water that we consume stays pure and clean, and at a reasonable cost. As an added bonus, by meeting the highest standard of safety, you will also have peace of mind, as your family will be safe from any chance of a health hazard, as the risk of contaminants entering the body through the water is completely eliminated.