Channeling – Interdimensional Friendship

There is some discussion about channelling, but it is, in my opinion, purely interdimensional friendship. Learning to navigate relationships across the dimensions, much like navigating relationships in 3D, takes practise and growth. It can be difficult at first, but in my experience, once you find it out, it’s a breeze. You may find more details about this at Get More Information.

Your Higher Self, deceased ancestors, angels, guides, plants, crystals, intergalactic beings, and God are all potential channels. It’s all up to you. It is your birthright to have direct touch with Spirit. We have largely overlooked this as a race, and many of us are afraid of it. What if we communicate with dark entities? What happens if we’re taken over? What if I lose my sense of self-awareness? Is the knowledge reliable? I’ve heard all of these questions and more, so I’m hoping to answer a couple of them as well as share my insight and experience with channelling.


Channeling, by my understanding, is a relationship with Spirit. It can communicate with you, talk through you, or communicate with you. Channeling is a type of healing work that requires you to learn how to tune your frequency to match your target and maintain dignity while doing so. Its aim is to aid your and the planet’s growth. Since you and your guides have similar ambitions, they want to work with you. Together, the guides and you will strive to bring more harmony and balance to the earth and universe. You are perceived as an antenna of light, demanding clearer contact, when you change your vibration and intend for a guide to speak to you. So, if you want to communicate with high-level guides (which is possibly a good idea), you can practise powerful meditative techniques such as chakra or merkaba spinning, heart meditations, playing music or singing, or dancing joyfully; anything that allows you to easily reach an altered state.

If you don’t know how to tune your frequency, you might find yourself channelling lower astral forces, deceased people, or lower level guides, who, while not necessarily “evil,” might not be exactly what you need. However, once you become good at channelling, you can use it to interact with lower-level energies to understand what they want so you can either ask them to leave or help them grow, in which case you become their guide. You’ll be able to tell who is well-intentioned and evolved, and who isn’t. You will never learn the discernment needed to cross the worlds until you practise. You will learn how to work at a higher vibrating frequency as you practise, and the higher vibrating you will become incorporated into your physical being. Your Higher Self takes over more of your personality and begins to make decisions for you. You walk in perfect harmony with your inner wisdom. Let me tell you, when your 3D world is out of sync with your Higher Self, but you’re on the spiritual road, havoc can be wreaked in order to teach you lessons and get you back on track. The more you communicate with your Higher Self as one, the less trauma you can experience.