Choosing Rental Equipment For Your Construction Site

Rental Equipment is one of the areas where technological advancements have made the most dramatic advances. The equipment rentals and leasing business are a multi-billion dollar a year business that is only growing larger. As more industries realize the benefit of owning this type of equipment, the rental space will become increasingly sought after by small and large companies alike. There are a few different types of rental equipment for the construction industry and understanding the market can help you decide what to rent.If you wish to learn more about this, visit Bobcat of St. Louis, Fairview Heights.

Cranes and heavy machinery machines – If you are looking to rent equipment for general paving or yard work, an expensive piece of machinery may be out of your financial reach. You may have some basic equipment already on hand, or you may need to rent a machine that you could potentially acquire if you really wanted to. Cranes and other heavy construction equipment are generally very expensive to buy outright, but if you lease the equipment, the capital cost is spread over the course of the lease. A good rule of thumb to use when determining how much to pay for a machine is to figure out roughly how much you think the job will take in total and then factor in the cost of the rental equipment over the course of the job. This can help you keep your head straight and limit your expenses when it comes time to actually pay off the capital equipment.

Lift trucks and mobile lifts – Many construction companies that need to use heavy equipment often have a shortage of them. When this happens, the company needs to make sure they have a provider that can provide the service within the time frame they need. There are two types of rental equipment to consider here. The first type of rental equipment is used on a temporary basis, and the second is for permanent use on a longer basis. Lift trucks are an excellent choice if you are looking to rent mobile machines that can provide service to multiple sites. These machines can also often be rented in bulk, which can save you money if you need to provide service for several different properties.

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