Cosmetic Dentistry And Restorations Can Be Key To A Great Smile

Are you feeling self conscious about your smile? Your teeth don’t have to be a source of shame or discomfort. Cosmetic Dentistry and restorations can be the key to getting that great smile back. Visit us for great deals in Sedation Dentistry in Louisville

General dentistry is a field that offers comprehensive dental care for people of all ages. Sadly, most general dentistry is not practiced with the mindset of providing the whitest, most beautiful smile available to patients. New technology is being used in the field of cosmetic dentistry, and it combines the most innovative procedures with the most beautiful products to give patients their best smiles yet. This type of dental work uses materials such as porcelain (one of the whitest and strongest materials being used) to replace broken or lost teeth and reveal the brightest possible smiles for patients.

Tooth restoration comes in two forms. Direct restoration is applied directly to the tooth, and shaped and polished once secured. Indirect restoration is when a tooth is shaped and polished outside of the mouth, and secured once it is complete. There are many reasons for this type of work including tooth damage due to an accident, tooth decay, poor dental care, or previous dental work that was done poorly. Many people simply want to show off the whitest and most beautiful smile.

No matter what type of tooth repair you require, when you take advantage of cosmetic dentistry you can be sure that not only with your new smile be strong and sturdy enough to last forever, it will be your best and brightest yet.