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A painting contractor who is unable to arrive on time for an estimate is unlikely to be punctual during the project. New Haven Painters LLC, Milford is an excellent resource for this. When anyone is really delayed due to circumstances outside their control, such as traffic or alien abduction, they will call to clarify the situation and have a new approximate arrival time. A painting contractor that isn’t on schedule isn’t likely to finish a job in a fair period of time.


It’s typically for one of two reasons if a painting company doesn’t have a clear reputation available online or by references given by the contractor: one, this is their first job, or two, they don’t want you to talk to previous customers. Any of these scenarios is a justification to look elsewhere. Few sales resources are as powerful as a glowing recommendation, so a respectable painter will gladly provide references.

Safety is paramount.

Apart from the above-mentioned insurance cover, it’s crucial to know who will be on your house. A good question to ask is whether the painters are hired by the painting contractor or whether the job is subcontracted. Subcontracted labour is less likely to have been subjected to a background check, and thus poses a risk. Of course, there are exceptions, and it is normally better for a homeowner to trust his or her intuition when evaluating character.

The most expensive painting contractor is not always the best, and the cheapest one can end up costing twice as much if the quality is so bad that it must be redone. There’s nothing wrong with telling other homeowners how they feel about the price when reviewing references offered by contractors. Many people would immediately volunteer how much they paid and have a great point of reference to ensure a fair bid.

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