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If you’re trying to bail out a friend or loved one from jail and your cell phone provider allows collect calls, they may require you to open an account with a positive balance in order to accept multiple calls from the jail. This means that, in order to accept more incoming collect calls from the jail, third-party companies or your cell phone provider will impose a $20 or $30 upfront fee.Do you want to learn more? get more on our Tolland County services

A bail bond company can assist with collecting calls from jail in this situation as well. If you are arrested, you can post bail with the help of a friend, family member, lawyer, or a bail bond company. To bail someone out of jail, a person must be 18 years old or older and have valid photo identification, according to the rules. If they are concerned that the inmate will flee and miss their court dates, they may refuse to post bail for them or co-sign a bail bond for them. If this occurs, the co-signer is responsible for attending all remaining court dates until the defendant can be brought in and turned over to the court. They’ll also be responsible for paying the bail agency the balance of their bond.  When posting bail for someone, it’s critical to make sure you’re making the right decision. Consider whether they are trustworthy and likely to show up for their court dates and stay out of trouble in the future. It could be irresponsible to co-sign a bail agreement for them if they are a repeat offender or have a history of debt and unemployment. In general, a person can bail you out of jail if they can pay 10-15 percent of the bond amount and show proper identification. The process of posting a bail bond entails a contractual agreement between a bail agent and the person who is posting bail.