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Physiotherapy & Massage have been the ideal way of healing the body and mind for over two thousand years, and yet in the West we take it for granted. This is not surprising as this ancient art of the human condition is rarely taught in modern schools. Yet in countries like Japan, where it is often used alongside traditional medicine, the benefits can be life-changing.Feel free to find more information at Grande Prairie physiotherapy.

When people come to see a physiotherapist or massage therapist, they can expect a range of services including prevention and management of injuries, relief of chronic pain and other associated symptoms, and improved mobility. The most popular areas of interest are typically the lower limbs, back, neck, shoulders and overall body. Injuries can result from strenuous activity, such as running and cycling, but can also arise from everyday life such as falls, lifting weights, swimming and gardening. The aim of physiotherapy & massage therapy is to relieve any pain that may result from the activities involved, while also boosting general health through a variety of stretches, exercises and massages.

Common injuries treated include strains, bruises, sprains and sports injuries as well as more severe issues such as torn tendons, torn ligaments or damaged soft tissues (ligaments and muscles). Typical techniques used by physiotherapy & massage therapists include soft-tissue manipulation, electric muscle stimulation, heat treatments and ultrasound therapy. Many injuries can be treated successfully with the application of combined techniques such as heat therapy, light-weight training, gentle stretching and moderate strength training. As well as this, injured patients may also require manual therapies, such as the use of therapeutic exercise equipment or weights, or therapeutic swimming. Physiotherapy and massage go hand in hand to offer sufferers total recovery from their sporting injuries and pain.

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