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Divorce is also rife with explosive feelings and high stress levels. Wherever practicable, the best experienced family law and divorce lawyers advise their clients to participate in divorce mediation. In reality, in an increasing number of states, mediation is a necessary first phase in the divorce process. Do you want to learn more? Click Jensen Family Law – Mesa.

For those who wanted an amicable divorce could find themselves embroiled in bitter litigation while dealing with complex divorce proceedings including child custody and major wealth sharing issues. Divorce consultation is a cost-effective solution to standard divorce proceedings that assists divorcing parties in reaching a divorce arrangement that empowers them in a less adversarial manner by talking on problems with an impartial third-party.

A divorce mediator, who has been trained to assist people pursuing a divorce in reaching settlements, insists on options over one or more sessions to address each issue of contention. Due to the mediator’s inability to provide legal counsel, divorce lawyers or family law attorneys are often available at mediation sessions and will meet with clients privately to provide advice during the procedure. When emotions escalate, trained mediators may help hold negotiations on track by asking for breaks and doing fact checks. Building from their previous success, experienced mediators may assist spouses in resolving minor disputes and help them build trust in the process and see the effects of mediation.

Excluding plain, uncontested divorces to others including complex problems such as estate value and property allocation, alimony, child custody and parental concerns such as child care and upkeep, retirement, and other future issues, resolution is also a much more efficient way to end a marriage or long-term partnership than proceeding to trial. The mediation method will help to clear up misunderstandings and set the stage for a solution-oriented, mutually beneficial process.

Divorce consultation is a flexible and private process that encourages free, healthy contact. Mediation will greatly assist parents in dealing with the relational realities of assessing and communicating parenting duties and obligations through the divorce phase and far into the future, thus maintaining the wishes of children in mind.

Divorce therapy operates well when the sides are prepared to cooperate, reach fair settlements, and empathise with one another’s situation.

Divorce settlement is unlikely to be a feasible option where there is a high level of tension and frustration, or where either or more sides are unable to pursue their divorce in a spirit of give and take. Instead, proceedings, involving a lawsuit, would possibly ensue. Litigation may lead to increased levels of resentment and anger, deepening the crucial miscommunication that must be avoided, particularly where children are involved. It is necessary to remember that intervention is not an option when spousal violence is an issue.

Divorce counselling is likely to be recommended to clients by experienced child custody and divorce lawyers practising family law to shorten the divorce phase, foster continued dialogue that is so important to the co-parenting process, save clients money, and reduce the amount of animosity that comes from divorce.