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Many patients book on the Internet for their Botox appointment. Botox is a protein derived from an anaerobic bacterium that has been purified. Interested readers can find more information about them at My Botox LA Med Spa.

In a simple, non-operative procedure, Botox is administered that temporarily improves the appearance of wrinkles in the forehead of people between the ages of eighteen and sixty-five. To achieve satisfactory cosmetic results, very low doses of Botox are required. Botox is administered to the muscles with tiny injections that cause unsightly wrinkles between the forehead. Muscle contraction and constant folding of the skin are the result of the lines in your brow. Repeated skin folding causes permanent wrinkles to show up on the skin. This change becomes more noticeable as we grow older, because the skin becomes less elastic. The wrinkles may be very mild or may develop into deep furrows that are less responsive to Botox treatment. There are uncommon side effects of Botox administration. When they do occur, however, patients may develop temporary drooping of the eyelid and some nausea. Botox relaxes the overactive muscles and muscles that create the fold in your brow when properly administered. Botox affects the muscles which are responsible for mild to severe wrinkles in the brow. Botox administration is the most prevalent cosmetic procedure performed by physicians in America, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Almost 4 million individuals are estimated to have Botox every year. Botox clinical trials have given Botox the green signal over eighteen years ago as a way to treat blepharospasm or a condition in which the eyelids twitch excessively, and it has also been six years since an additional Botox clinical trial showed that this item was excellent for cosmetic treatment of vertical lines that appeared between the brows of a person. Therefore, millions of users have benefited from the findings of these and other clinical studies of Botox and the reality is that, according to available figures on the use of Botox, thirteen million doses of Botox are actually offered because of the year 2002.