Marketing for Chiropractic – Multi-Layered Marketing is a must

In order for the marketing campaign to succeed, there are a few items that must occur. You’ve got to ramp up the ads. Stuff can occur simultaneously. Each incident needs to feed off the other. You can’t just do one thing and say, oh, I did a dinner for the patients. It was revolting. Just two people turned up after I sent out invitations. You can’t, in other words, put all your eggs in one basket. Chiropractor is one of the authority sites on this topic.

The way you make your ads work and the way you grow a high-volume practise of 2,500 to 3,000 patient visits each week is to have multiple incidents that feed each other simultaneously.
For example, we are expecting a new patient to arrive at the clinic tomorrow. At 10:00 am, they’re here. They’re getting their test. They witness a workshop in progress as they step in. For that workshop, they want to linger. They stay for the workshop and I make a Patient Appreciation Day announcement at the end of the workshop.

They hear me say that on the first Monday of each month, we open the clinic to anyone who wants to come in for a free examination. From the workshop, they get so fired up, they go home and tell their neighbours what we’re doing on Monday. They’re already taking people in on Monday to get their spines tested before this person even gets to the Doctor’s Study.
But there, it doesn’t stop. They turn the radio on on their way home and they just happen to come upon my radio programme. So now they had an assessment that day, they had chiropractic explained to them, they sat through a workshop, they went home and told someone on Monday about our Patient Appreciation Day, they were listening to the radio show, and then, five hours later, they were watching my TV infomercial while they were eating dinner.

When I say multi-layered marketing, I’m referring to this. There’s nothing wrong with the chiropractic message being hammered out. If you don’t hammer out your message, the drug makers will hammer out theirs. If you are not able to do infomercials, don’t worry. It’s likely that infomercials aren’t your cup of tea. The point is to have multiple events that will feed off and generate a huge flow of referrals from each other.
You won’t excel if you don’t have a big picture in mind for your practise. “Ok, I’ll just dabble in marketing and maybe do a screening and a Patient Dinner and see how it goes,” you can’t say.

It’s not going to succeed in the long run. It’s not going to work if your heart, mind, and vision aren’t fully congruent and in harmony, and you don’t really want to get out there and drag in the crowds. It’s just going to be this intermittent kind of marketing campaign shotgun that is largely unsuccessful.
It’s something I’ve seen hundreds of times. You’ll speed up the ads when things get rough. You’ll know it’s time to use one of your marketing gimmicks, and you’ll hope for the best. Having a strategy is much more successful. Then you go out there and do it big, and you stack up your efforts when you do it big. You’ve built a machine that every week will feed you a steady supply of new patients. That’s how you grow a colossal practise.